People are now more than ever realising that their affairs should be put in order. And with the situation as it currently is, there is a sharp rise in people suddenly jumping on the bandwagon and setting themselves up in their bedroom as Will Writers, offering cheap online Wills. So why should you choose someone like Angela Jane Will Writing over a online cheap will? 
With Will Writing being an unregulated industry it is really important to choose a Will Writing Company that is part of one a body that overseas its members, such as the Society of Will Writers or The Institute of Professional Will Writers, both of these organisations make sure that their members have the correct insurance in place to protect the client in the event something goes wrong, they make sure that their members are always up to date with what is going on and changes in the law and legislation, they provide their members with training and ongoing support, and their members need to adhere to a code of practice. 
So lets look at some of the reasons why to choose Angela Jane Will Writing over a cheap or free Will Writing Service: 
* Spending time to get to know you and what your Estate comprises of and what you want to happen after your death (or not as the case may be). We spend time asking questions and listening to you, this is often on a face to face basis where we visit you in your own home, but can be over the phone or Zoom (due to the current climate with Covid 19). It is all about having detailed conversations listening to you, picking up on gestures you make and facial expressions to understand how you feel and what things mean to you, this way we can really understand what your aims and objectives are 
* We are doing all the work for you; You filling a form in online for a cheap or free Will could mean a question could be misinterpreted and be detrimental to your Estate or wishes after you have gone. 
* Having some one there to be able to answer all you questions, give you sound advice and information so that you are able to make informed choices. 
* Going the extra mile and really looking after clients, we are always there to answer you questions and give advice, once you become a client of Angela Jane Will Writing, you are in the hands of someone who really cares and will go out of their way to help look after you and your family. 
* Families and Estates are often far more complex than cheap and free online Wills can adequately fulfill meaning that wishes are not followed or catered for, using someone like Angela Jane Will Writing will ensure they are asking detailed questions to make sure everything is covered. 
Angela Jane Will Writing & Estate Planning Limited here to help in these difficult times 
Call Angela on 07825 331447 
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