The Society of Will Writers You Have the Peace of Mind Knowing That I am a Full Member of the Society of Will Writers.  

What is the Society of Will Writers? 
The Society of Will Writers is a Non-Profit Making Self-Regulatory Organisation Whose Primary Objectives Are The Advancement, Education and Ethical Standards Within The Will Writing Profession 
Our Mission 
To protect the public and serve the interests of those men and women who are active professionals in our field. 
The Society Has Set Itself Two Main Tasks : 
To promote to the Public at large the real need and sense in having a valid Will; and to act as a self-regulatory body by vetting practitioners through stringent membership requirements, proficiency standards and on-going training. 
The Designatory Letters of the Society’s Grades: 
All are a public assurance of their bearers’ expertise and competence 
Client Charter 
The Charter sets out your rights as a client of Angela Jane, and the Obligations that the Angela Jane has to you as a client. 
Angela Jane is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance, and is obliged to provide you with proof of this if requested. Angela Jane is bound by The Society’s code of conduct and disciplinary and complaints procedures, copies of which are available from the Society upon request. 
Angela Jane is obliged to provide a quotation – in writing if requested – of the price to be paid for the preparation of your will or Wills, including any extra costs that be incurred, before proceeding to prepare your Will or Wills. If more than one Will is to be prepared, Angela Jane is obliged to provide a quotation of the prices of both Wills either separately or as a set of Wills. 
Angela Jane is obliged to advise you of the length of time it will take to prepare your Will or Wills in either draft or finished form. Angela Jane is obliged to comply with these service standards or advise you in good time if there is any reason for the delay. 
You are entitled to a refund of any money paid in respect of preparation of your Will or Wills should you change your mind. However, if you have received your Will or Wills in draft or finished form then any refund is at Angela Jane's discretion and may be subject to charges for work carried out at your instruction, except in the case of complaint duly investigated by The Society (see paragraph 7 below) where Angela Jane is found to be at fault in the whole or part in which case any refund will be at The Society’s discretion. 
Angela Jane may suggest other goods or services that she may provide. You are under no obligation to purchase any goods or services in addition to your Will or Wills. If Angela Jane offers a discounted price for your Will or Wills provided you purchase other goods or services, then you are entitled to be informed of the prices of the Will or Wills both with and without the purchase of the additional goods or services. 
Angela Jane undertakes to maintain the strictest client confidentiality and not to pass your name to any other organisation without your express permission. 
If you have reason to complain about the service you receive from Angela Jane, you should first direct your complaint to Angela Jane who is obliged to deal with your complaint immediately. If you are not satisfied with the way in which Angela Jane deals with your complaint or if the complaint has not been dealt with, then you are entitled to complain to The Society of Will Writers who will undertake an investigation of your complaint. The Society will not normally investigate complaints about non-members, nor if the complaint was not directed to Angela Jane in the first instance. All complaints must be in writing. 

Members Principles 

These 10 principles, as expanded by the Society’s Code of Practice and reinforced by the individual Members Terms of Business represent the protection the consumer can expect when using a Society Member in the preparation of their legal documents: 
• A Member must act with integrity 
• A Member must conduct his or her business with due skill, care and diligence 
• A Member must observe proper standards when marketing his or her business to the general public 
• A Member must pay due regard to the interests of his or her client and treat them fairly 
• A member must communicate information to his or her client in a way that is clear fair and not misleading 
• A Member must not create a conflict of interest between himself and his or her client 
• A Member must take reasonable care to ensure the suitability of any advice given to his or her client 
• A Member must ensure that any assets that he or she holds on behalf of a client are fully protected 
• A Member must practice equality and respect diversity 
• A Member must comply with all legal and regulatory requirements including full observance of the Society of Will Writers Code of Practice 
If you have any comments about the Society or the Member, please write to: 
The Society of Will Writers 
Eagle House 
Exchange Road 
LN6 3JZ 
Tel : 01522 68 78 88 
The Society of Will Writers trusts you will be satisfied with the service you receive from Angela Jane, and thanks you for deciding to have your Will(s) prepared by a Member of the Society. 
Public Indemnity 
All our members are required to carry Professional Indemnity Insurance. Presently our PII policies are held with Bradstock Insurance Brokers underwritten at Lloyds. Any given policy is only valid for one calendar year. 
All Society of Will Writer members go through stringent vetting procedures and continuous training. Home-made or badly drafted Wills can be just as bad (or even worse) than no Will at all so it is recommended that you use a Society of Will Writers member to draft your Will. 
Why risk your entire estate to be dealt with under a Will drawn up by anyone other than a trained professional. 
For more information please call Angela Jane on 07825 331447 
or click here to contact us. 
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