Posts from June 2018

When you’re heading into your later years, one concern that will probably persistently niggle at the back of your mind is the risk of dementia. 
Steps to prevent dementia 
In an ideal world we could all delay or avoid the onset of dementia entirely. 
There is now a new national plan for family doctors to assess your dementia risks as part of the NHS health check, which is offered to patients aged between 40 and 74. You will be asked about your current lifestyle and be advised about steps you can take to reduce your level of risk. 
In the television show ‘Family Fortunes’ relations work together. Unfortunately, it’s not always the case. This is a true and very sad story… 
Two sisters eventually escaped from their violent father and drunken, uncaring mother. In their adult lives they helped and supported each other. 
One of the sisters started a family and built a strong network of friends. Unfortunately, the other sister’s emotional scars from their early childhood experiences went so deep that she was unable to resist them. 
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