Most people do not class making a Will as something of importance, not being a priority they tend only to only consider making a Will if something happens such as they or someone close is diagnosed with a terminal illness, or someone close has had something unfortunate happen. 
The problem is, when something unfortunate does happen, most people are overwhelmed with shock, and the last thing on their mind is getting a Will sorted, or the other problem is something happens and it is too late to get a Will in place or the person is too ill to be able to get their Will sorted. 
It really is important to seek advice and get a Will in place. If you have assets, if you have young children, if you are not married, or you have no family, ad even if you are married, it doesn't necessarily mean that your spouse will inherit everything. In some circumstances if a deceased has failed to leave a Will it is the law of intestacy that applies to the deceased estate, and thus the estate is unlikely to be distributed according to their wishes. 
People should really understand how important it is having a Will in place to make sure that thier wishes are catered for in the event of something tragic happening, their familes will have the peace of mind knowing that things have been set up to cater for their children, loved ones and people whom the deceased would have wanted to cater for. 
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