We all like to act a bit daft from time to time or go out and try something new and exciting. Here are a few weird and embarrassing ways to die that I came across in a book by David Southwell - Embarrassing Ways to Die. 
Beware of The Bull 
James Calhoun, an Irish Strong Man, died in 1866 when for a bet he attempted to lift a young bull above his head. He managed the feat, but then lost his balance, the bull landed on top of him, then kicked him in the head killing him. 
Is It A Plane? Is It A Bird? No it's A Corpse 
In September 2012 an unidentified man fell to the ground in Portman Street in London. Turns out he had been stowing away behind the landing gear of an Aircraft and had fallen when the wheels were lowered as the plane came into Heathrow. 
Cook-Off Kill-Off 
Fork-Lift driver, John Smith died in 2008 from heart failure after eating a bowl of super hot chili. John Smith who was a keen cook had a bet with his girlfriends brother with which of them could make and eat the hottest chili. Shortly after eating his own dish, John suffered a cardiac arrest. 
Rubbish Way To Go 
It is a sad fact that some homeless people will use industrial bins to sleep in. Tragically however, Sean Wickes from Yorkshire who did have a home to go to, decided to sleep off his night out on the town in such a bin back in 2013, and was tragically crushed to death when the bin was collected by the recycling truck later that day. His body was found at a recycling plant in Leeds the next day. 
Another Rubbish way To Go 
Joy Jordon aged 59 from Kent died in January 2012. Joy was a compulsive Hoarded and whilst cooking a pile of papers (2.4m high) fell on to her hob. The rubbish that was stacked almost to ceiling height in every room made her escape impossible. It took three days for fireman to recover her body, as they had to crawl through the tops of doorways to get to to her. 
Bad Hair Day 
Liv Parkes a 34 year old from London upon returning home at 6am one morning after spending the night clubbing collapsed and died from anaphylactic shock. Her body had a reaction to the latex glue she had used on her hair extensions, and it wasn't until she had begun sweating on the dance floor that traces of the glue would have slowly seeped into her blood stream. 
Drinking And Not Driving 
33 year old Martin Jenks from Leeds, in 2009 decided to sleep of his drinking Binge in his car parked directly outside his house. After seemingly sitting very still for more than 24 hours in his Ford Focus, a worried neighbour called the police, sitting in an immobile position for more than 12 hours had caused deep vein thrombosis. 
Swift Justice 
A deadly business for thieves is Metal theft, in 2009 two men died within seconds when they broke in to a electricity sub-station in South Wales, they triggered a fire safety device that flooded the area with carbon dioxide when trying to strip it of copper wire. 
Just a few snippets this time, I am sure I will post more soon 
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