We really are not very good at getting our affairs in order, we will think about it briefly and then shove to the back of our minds. We all know that it is important and that we should, but it often takes something to happen before we do anything about it, whether that is we have become ill ourselves, or something happens to a loved one or a close friend, and often it can then be too late. 
We spend enough time planning holidays, going out for meals, catching up with someone you haven't seen for a while, rather than spending a fraction of that time on sorting out the really important things, such as having something in place should the worse happen, whether that is a loved one suddenly passes away or worst still, what happens should we or a loved one become seriously ill or have an accident that renders them or us incapacitated.  
Being a Will Writer and an Estate Planner, I see everyday the consequences of people not having something in place. Only the other day I had a local Estate Agent call me, he was trying to get some help for one of his clients, they are in the middle of selling their home they need to downsize as they cannot afford their mortgage, and now Mister in his late 40's has had a massive heart attack, and has been put in to an induced coma. .Mrs cannot sign any of the paperwork without her husband, and as he is in a coma, he cannot sign. The Estate Agent was asking if I can sort out Power of Attorney for them, no I can't it is too late!! Mrs could apply for a Court of Protection Deputyship, but in reality after the conversation I had, it is likely that the gentleman concerned would not live long enough for that to be in place. 
I had another case a little while back of a lady who went in to the bank to change some details, her husband had recently had a stroke and upon hearing those words, the bank immediately froze both joint bank accounts, leaving the poor lady with no access to any money. Luckily the gentleman had capacity so I was able to apply for lasting Power of Attorney, however the lady concerned ended up having to borrow money off her daughter for three months until the Power of Attorney was granted. 
A lady whose daughter had a brain Tumor in her mid 40's and it was too late for Lasting Power of Attorney to be granted, The Court of Protection took over, and the Lady had no say whatsoever in relation to her daughters care or her daughters finances. 
This is just a couple of sad cases that I come across on a regular basis, and it breaks my heart not being able to help them. 
We should all sort out our affairs, we do not know what is around the corner. 
Plan Today Tomorrow Matters! 
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