If you have children below the age of 18 years, then there are some very good reasons why you should make a Will. 
any people with young children seem to think that it is not necessary to make a Will. 'We are Young ourselves' 'we don't own property' 'we have nothing'. To make your wishes known, if you have young children, then you should have a Will in place, stating who you you would want to care for and bring up your children should something happen to you. 
A report a couple of years ago, I think it was in the Guardian stated that shockingly around twenty three thousand children every year in the UK will lose a parent. That is a surprisingly high number, and should a child lose both parents, then what happens next? 
If a Will has been made appointing a guardian, then things are fairly straightforward, however if there is no Will in place, an application would need to be made to the courts for them to decide whom should be appointed Legal Guardian, could be willing family or friends, however it could be that the courts deem that there is no one suitable and the children are then placed in to care, and even if there is someone suitable it could mean that your children are placed into care whilst applications are made to the courts, at a time when the children are already very emotional distressed they are then carted off to live in a unfamiliar environment with people they do not know. 
Who should you appoint as a guardian for you children?  
Good question, you may have a couple of people in your mind that you think would make good substitute parents for your children should you not be around, have you asked them? suddenly being lumbered with three kids out of the blue may not be everyone's cup of tea. Quite often grandparents come to mind, that is okay, however, what about a few years down the road, and they are no longer sprightly or they are having health issues and they suddenly get landed with two stroppy teenagers. 
Thinking carefully about whom you want to care for your children, and talking to the people that you have in mind, and look at the bigger picture the age of the people you are choosing along with the ages or potential ages of your children, where they are located, and the lifestyle that they lead. Someone who goes out partying every night is not going to be too happy at having to look after a three year old toddler. 
Older children could give you some input into whom they would like to care for them should the worst happen, they may not want to go and live with their aunt Sally, but uncle Joe is really cool, so maybe have the conversation with your children as well as with the people you have in mind to step into your shoes. 
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