I know throughout parts of Northamptonshire, Kettering, Wellingborough, Rushden, and Irthlingborough, and many other parts of the country, leaflets have been dropping through peoples letterboxes claiming that you can protect your home, your most valuable asset from having to pay for your care should you require care in the future, sometimes described as Asset Protection Trusts, Family Trusts, Care Home Trusts, with the promise, that you can safeguard your home from having to be used to cover care home fees. 
I have always advised people from using these types of Trust, you are potentially depriving yourself of Assets, and as such should you require Means Tested Care in the future, the Local Authority will not look kindly on such measures, and will do whatever they need to recover the asset, or ensure that your family members (usually your children), that have benefited from your asset pay the difference that is required for your care. 
Please read the following Report, as the BBC investigates one such company, and I am sure many people throughout Northamptonshire, will have seen the advertising leaflet from said company posted through their letterbox. 
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